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Chamber Flags

I ran across an interesting video on Youtube from RcHelicopter64 regarding the use of Chamber Flags.  This of course is a safety measure that applies to semiautomatic firearms.  Rifles and pistols that have an empty chamber can...

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Santa loves Guns

I am now aware that Santa is a gun lover. I had not known this before, but Youtube user tnoutdoors9 put up a video on Youtube to prove how much Santa Clause really is into guns. He has a wide range of tastes, including rifles,...

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CNBC Vs. Remington 700

It looks like an interesting battle between reporters with the American CNBC news station and Remington Arms company.  CNBC put together a documentary about failures with the Remington 700 rifle.  Airing October 20, 2010, this...

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.50 Caliber Ricochet

I recently saw a video on Youtube that shows what is supposedly a .50 caliber ricochet.  I have no background on who did this video or if it is fake or not, but I think it would be very difficult to stage. It is amazing to see...

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