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Tag: Weapons

Which Gun is the Best Choice?

Purchasing a gun can be an exciting process until the glow wears off and there is a heavy case of buyer’s remorse. Everyone is different. No two guns are the same either, which is why “Best Gun” discussions/arguments never end...

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Project Gunrunner Scandal

The United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) has been wrapped up in a scandal involving guns in Mexico.  Their own agents have come out to tell the truth–The ATF knowingly allowed illegal guns to go...

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Lockheed AC-130 Gunship

The Lockheed/Boeing AC-130 Gunship is among the most heavily armed ground-attack aircraft in the world. The United States Air Force uses this Lockheed-built airframe to attack ground targets using weapons ranging from a 25mm...

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“Weapons” are for Criminals

Criminals use and possess weapons to use for criminal purposes.  The term “weapon” is intended to mean an instrument used to attack a victim.  Criminals use these tools to commit violent crime against victims that...

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National Park Gun Ban

The National Park Gun Ban will end in February of 2010.  It was a success for the pro-gun crowd that the gun ban was repealed, and the only consolation for the other side is that the ban will not take effect until 9 months after...

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Don’t Overlook the Weight

One of the things to consider when purchasing and outfitting a firearm are its weight.  The final weight after ammo and addons must be carefully considered for those that will be carrying the completed weapon.  It is easy to be...

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