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Tag: Target

Gun Control Will Never Work

In Newtown, Connecticut on Friday December 14, 2012 a lone gunman named Adam Lanza murdered a total of twenty children and seven adults, including his mother, before turning the gun on himself. No one could stop him. These...

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Ruger 10/22 Trick Shot

It is always fun to see folks do something different with a firearm to challenge themselves.  Youtube user tnoutdoors9 has a great video where he demonstrates the setup and operation of a 200 yard trickshot behind his back. He...

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Homemade Shooting Bench

Shooting from a bench is the best way to sight in your firearms. Most real target ranges have durable and sturdy benches that are permanently mounted for the folks involved in target practice. [ad name=”Adsense 468 x...

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Firearms Training Safety

Firearms safety is very important, especially while training.  Your training also can make real-life experiences easier to handle. The video was a response to a different video where a cameraman stood in front and to the side of...

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