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Tag: Shotguns

Santa loves Guns

I am now aware that Santa is a gun lover. I had not known this before, but Youtube user tnoutdoors9 put up a video on Youtube to prove how much Santa Clause really is into guns. He has a wide range of tastes, including rifles,...

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The Basics of Safety with Shotguns

It is very important that all guns be handled in a safe manner.  Firearms are designed to kill, and are a good tool for doing so.  Normally this is for sport, but also can be used for self defense and sport such as target...

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More Good 2nd Amendment Legislation

There has been some recent action in the U.S. Congress on additional legislation that will strengthen the Second Amendment–the American right to keep and bear arms. H.R.2296 and S. 941 work to legislate reform at the ATF....

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Don’t Overlook the Weight

One of the things to consider when purchasing and outfitting a firearm are its weight.  The final weight after ammo and addons must be carefully considered for those that will be carrying the completed weapon.  It is easy to be...

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