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Tag: Second Amendment Rights

Gun Free Zones- Funny and Serious

Gun Free Zones (Pistol Free Zones) are supposed to be safe, right? No guns are allowed, so there must be safe places to be.  Many places have been made to be Gun Free Zones, including schools, universities, post offices,...

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Brady Campaign Fights More Rights

The Brady Campaign is heavily supporting legislation to close a perceived “Terror Gap.”  This legislation aims to remove Second Amendment rights from American citizens that are on the Terror Watch List.  Directly...

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SCOTUS McDonald v Chicago

The ruling on Monday, June 28, 2010 by  the US Supreme Court  in the case of McDonald v Chicago is  historic and important.  The  5-4 decision in  favor  of the individual right to keep and bear arms was an important upholdance...

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More Good 2nd Amendment Legislation

There has been some recent action in the U.S. Congress on additional legislation that will strengthen the Second Amendment–the American right to keep and bear arms. H.R.2296 and S. 941 work to legislate reform at the ATF....

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Obama Good for Gun Industry

The gun industry has gotten a windfall from the election of President Obama.  Even though there have not been any moves by the Administration to get an Assault Weapons Ban or do other things to limit firearms, there has been a...

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