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Tag: Rifle

Reloading Military Brass

Reloading military brass ammo has a few different steps that commercial ammo.  Most of the difference is with the capture of the primer, as military brass has the primer crimped in place.  The crimp must be removed prior to...

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Why the Military?

The United States federal sequestration has resulted in Tuition Assistance (TA) being cut for all military members, due to automatic federal budget cuts. This means is that all military will now be denied any federal aid for...

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Self Preservation

As humans, we have the right to self preservation and it was granted by God.  Evil forces are numerous and they attack innocent people for a variety of reasons, all of them illegal. From Guncite: “The defence of...

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Fast and Furious- Your Next Move

Operation Fast and Furious was explained as an attempt to discover the major players in the Mexican gun-trafficking network.  The plan was to funnel properly identified and listed guns on the street in order to determine how...

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Gun Camoflage

Fall hunting season is upon much of North America.  Everybody is dressing themselves in camoflage and heading out into the fields and forest for wild game trophies. What about the gun, should that be camouflaged? Of course there...

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Ruger 10/22 Trick Shot

It is always fun to see folks do something different with a firearm to challenge themselves.  Youtube user tnoutdoors9 has a great video where he demonstrates the setup and operation of a 200 yard trickshot behind his back. He...

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Making Fun of Michael Moore

Funny Youtube clip making fun of Michael Moore and including guns.  Steven Crowder does a great job making videos that are funny and insightful. The video below includes a humorous perspective on gun control and a spoof of...

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