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Tag: Pistols

Chamber Flags

I ran across an interesting video on Youtube from RcHelicopter64 regarding the use of Chamber Flags.  This of course is a safety measure that applies to semiautomatic firearms.  Rifles and pistols that have an empty chamber can...

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I Like Guns Music Video

I gotta hand it to Steve Lee.  He has a great song and music video called “I like Guns.” The song is sort of a country tune, but it is an original, and very funny. The video is very funny, lots of good visuals and of...

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“Weapons” are for Criminals

Criminals use and possess weapons to use for criminal purposes.  The term “weapon” is intended to mean an instrument used to attack a victim.  Criminals use these tools to commit violent crime against victims that...

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Semi-Automatic Firearms defined

Semi-Automatic Firearms are the most common and popular technology in pistols and rifles in existence today.  A video recently on Youtube reinforces this fact.  The video is from the 1980’s, Leroy Pyle’s argument is...

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Obama Good for Gun Industry

The gun industry has gotten a windfall from the election of President Obama.  Even though there have not been any moves by the Administration to get an Assault Weapons Ban or do other things to limit firearms, there has been a...

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Firearms Safety

Firearms safety is one of the vital considerations we all need to make to protect ourselves, family, and neighbors.  Handling practices, storage, and control of the weapon are of utmost importance. Handling all weapons, wheather...

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