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Tag: Pistol

Concealed Carry Traffic Stop

Being stopped by Law Enforcement while carrying a concealed handgun can be a difficult situation.  Officers are cautious (as they should be) and citizens need to protect their legal rights.  Safety benefits everybody. Calmly...

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Legality of Plastic Guns

Lawmakers are trying to keep up with technology by making all-plastic guns illegal.  The concern is that current detection technology is designed to find metal firearms.  Gun-grabbers are working to keep the legality window...

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Newtown Anniversary

The first anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut will be arriving shortly.  The anti-gun movement will be renew their push towards their agenda, but several gun rights groups are...

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Firearms Training in Detroit

Self defense is important, especially in a crime-ridden city like Detroit, Michigan.  Training others how to defend themselves with firearms is the profession of Mr. Rick Ector. Detroit Free Press Columnist Jim Schaefer...

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Guns to Blame?

  So many people are willing to outlaw guns because they are considered to be unsafe in the hands of ordinary citizens. Can’t that be said for many other things? Especially considering the “if it saves just one life” line...

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The Business of Guns

The Gun industry is an important one.  It employs lots of Americans in the Manufacture, Distribution, and sale of firearms. From MinuteMBA: American citizens have the highest gun ownership rate in the world, so it stands to...

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We Approve?

The NRA Members’ Gun Safety Act was proposed by Virginia Democratic Representative Jim Moran, and was supposedly based on the wishes reflected in a recent poll of NRA members. The NRA’s Response, as you can imagine, has not been...

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