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We Approve?

The NRA Members’ Gun Safety Act was proposed by Virginia Democratic Representative Jim Moran, and was supposedly based on the wishes reflected in a recent poll of NRA members. The NRA’s Response, as you can imagine, has not been...

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Self Preservation

As humans, we have the right to self preservation and it was granted by God.  Evil forces are numerous and they attack innocent people for a variety of reasons, all of them illegal. From Guncite: “The defence of...

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Gun Camoflage

Fall hunting season is upon much of North America.  Everybody is dressing themselves in camoflage and heading out into the fields and forest for wild game trophies. What about the gun, should that be camouflaged? Of course there...

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Review: A Perfect Gun for Ladies

Guest Post by: Lexie Rae   While choosing a self-defense or concealed-carry gun is a highly personal decision, many people have found it helpful to view other’s reviews and experiences with various handguns. There can be...

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