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Tag: Gun Rights

Gun Grabbers Teaching Their Ways

From NextNewsNetwork: Has Obama launched a “Gun Safety” program designed to actually teach gun confiscation propaganda? Anthony Antonello join Gary Franchi to reveal what he recored at a recent “meeting”...

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Newtown Anniversary

The first anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut will be arriving shortly.  The anti-gun movement will be renew their push towards their agenda, but several gun rights groups are...

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Voting- How Can We Tell?

It seems that every election season, we are bombarded with advertisements, dirty stories, and debates, making it difficult to decide who is telling the truth. Here’s the scoop: all of the political posturing is baloney, and you...

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Massacres Blamed on Second Amendment

The mass shootings of 2012 including Aurora, Colorado and Oak Creek, Wisconsin continue to surface on the news. A big reason is politics: people want to know about the people and reasons behind these horrible acts. These horrors...

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Which Gun is the Best Choice?

Purchasing a gun can be an exciting process until the glow wears off and there is a heavy case of buyer’s remorse. Everyone is different. No two guns are the same either, which is why “Best Gun” discussions/arguments never end...

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SCOTUS McDonald v Chicago

The ruling on Monday, June 28, 2010 by  the US Supreme Court  in the case of McDonald v Chicago is  historic and important.  The  5-4 decision in  favor  of the individual right to keep and bear arms was an important upholdance...

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Federal Firearms License

One way to save on firearms is to get an FFL license.  As a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer, you can purchase and sell firearms from other dealers, wholesaler warehouses, and the manufactures while paying bargain prices. You...

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