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Tag: Gun Control

Ammo Independence

If you are a gun owner, then you are well aware that the federal government’s recent push for new stricter “gun control” laws and national gun registries have failed. This has led many of our fellow gun owners...

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Mental Illness and Guns

A lot of gun control is attributed to mentally ill citizens that needs to be kept from guns. Description from Reason TV: In the wake of any mass shooting, there’s a predictable and justified burst of public outrage and...

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Newtown Anniversary

The first anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut will be arriving shortly.  The anti-gun movement will be renew their push towards their agenda, but several gun rights groups are...

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We Approve?

The NRA Members’ Gun Safety Act was proposed by Virginia Democratic Representative Jim Moran, and was supposedly based on the wishes reflected in a recent poll of NRA members. The NRA’s Response, as you can imagine, has not been...

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How Many Bullets?

There is a new bill, called the H.R. 138 Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act on committee in the House of Representatives. It was introduced in January by Representative Carolyn McCarthy, Democrat from New York. This...

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“AK-47’s Are For Soldiers”

U.S. President Barack Obama believes in gun control.  There are many examples of his position on this, and one is the speech where he declares that “AK-47’s are for Soldiers.” He basically says that these guns...

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Massacres Blamed on Second Amendment

The mass shootings of 2012 including Aurora, Colorado and Oak Creek, Wisconsin continue to surface on the news. A big reason is politics: people want to know about the people and reasons behind these horrible acts. These horrors...

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U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

The UN Arms Trade Treaty(ATT) could affect American gun owners.  Scheduled for a signing on July 27, 2012, this treaty could be a backdoor method for gun control in the United States. As another blow to American sovereignty,...

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Making Fun of Michael Moore

Funny Youtube clip making fun of Michael Moore and including guns.  Steven Crowder does a great job making videos that are funny and insightful. The video below includes a humorous perspective on gun control and a spoof of...

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