3D Printed Guns “Impossible” to Stop

3D Printed Guns “Impossible” to Stop

Modern manufacturing technology has allowed for quick, low-cost and inexpensive manufacturing of firearms in settings as basic as a home.  Computer printers that create 3D items would allow for easily-downloadable computer files to manufacture plastic firearms.



3D Printed guns
Fast, cheap, easy: win for consumers?  The U.S. Federal government is becoming involved.  According to Fox News,

The bulletin refers specifically to Defense Distributed, a nonprofit company started by a University of Texas law student, which has successfully made and fired a 3D gun whose only metal parts are the bullets and a small firing pin. Some 100,000 plans for a gun called “The Liberator” were downloaded in just a few days before May 3, when a branch of the U.S. State Department told it to stop sharing the file. But the government bulletin seems to acknowledge that the genie is out of the bottle.

“Limiting access may be impossible,” concludes the three-page bulletin.

Advancing technology makes it difficult for government regulations to keep up.  The old-school firearms manufacturers will also fight this technology due to competition.
Consumers will need to be wary of counterfeit weapons too.
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