Guns to Blame?

Guns to Blame?


So many people are willing to outlaw guns because they are considered to be unsafe in the hands of ordinary citizens. Can’t that be said for many other things? Especially considering the “if it saves just one life” line from our Vice President, we can look at many other sources of death and injury as potential killers, killers that our government has no apparent issue with.

Guns were blamed in approximately 8,583 murders in 2011. While no one knows how many guns there are, a very conservative estimate of 50% of Americans own at least one gun. The American population has been estimated at 313,914,040 people. One-half of that is 156,957,020. That’s if each person only owns one gun. So, out of 156,957,020 guns in the United States, 8,583 were blamed in murders. That’s 5%, the most conservative estimate that we can make, if only 50% of the population had a gun, and only one gun at that. This is .003% of the causes of death in this country AT THE MOST.

Compare this to obesity, the epidemic sweeping across the country. According to the Surgeon General’s report, nearly two out of every three Americans is obese. Again using the estimate of 313,914,040, that gives us a number of 209,276,026 citizens in this category. Also according to the Surgeon General, one out of every eight deaths in the country is from obesity-related problems. If you look at the data provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the estimated number of deaths in a year is 2,420,000, giving us a total of 302,500 people a year who die from obesity. This in total gives us a percentage of about 1% of the entire death population in the United States. And yet, while admittedly we have a New York governor who is trying to control his states’ soda intake, there are really no active restrictions on obese people or behaviors on the books.

People are allowed to eat what they want, when they want, unlimited quantity. Yet the death rate of these behaviors is much higher than that of those caused by guns, which are much more tightly restricted. If “saving even one life” is truly the end goal, shouldn’t McDonald’s be illegal? Would walking be a mandatory obligation of the citizen? Guns are simply a quicker, more dramatic cause of death, and as such, our country has decided that we, the people, are incapable of handling that responsibility.


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