Why the Military?

Why the Military?

The United States federal sequestration has resulted in Tuition Assistance (TA) being cut for all military members, due to automatic federal budget cuts. This means is that all military will now be denied any federal aid for their education. Active-duty military will still have their GI bill, but the Post 9/11 GI bill only covers discharged members, not current members. What could this potentially mean for our soldiers-and our country?

First, it will reduce enlistment. Few people join the military for the travel, adventure, or physical aspect. They either join for patriotic reasons, or, overwhelmingly, educational reasons. There are a large percentage of military members who have aged out of the foster-care system, or from a low-income environment. For many of these people, the military is their only chance for an education. Now half of their education assistance has been wiped out. For Reservists, it’s completely gone. Who is going to want to devote 4 to 10 years working for a government that doesn’t pay a decent wage, let alone provide a decent education?

Second, it will reduce motivation. If you joined the military for a chance at college, and found out that you could not attend until after you were discharged, would you really have a good attitude about wrenching on the same exact tanks day after day? Or cleaning windows? Or standing guard duty in Iraq or Afghanistan? When your reward has been taken from you, you find yourself less willing to devote time and effort into something.

All of this could lead to a smaller, less driven defense force. This in turn could lead to an attack on our soil, with our soldiers unable to defend us. Conspiracy theory much? You say. But honestly, this is a potential future for our country, and we need to be ready, need to be able to defend ourselves, from those who are going to take advantage of our demoralized military

Luckily for us, there are a few Senators with common sense, who are already trying to reinstate the program. However, there are only two so far, and we need to prepare ourselves to support our troops in any way we can.

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