We Approve?

We Approve?

The NRA Members’ Gun Safety Act was proposed by Virginia Democratic Representative Jim Moran, and was supposedly based on the wishes reflected in a recent poll of NRA members. The NRA’s Response, as you can imagine, has not been in favor of this act. This bill would:

  • Require background checks on all potential gun buyers, as opposed to the current Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, which requires checks only on those who buy from federally licensed gun dealers.
  • Require background checks on all gun shop employees.
  • Prohibit individuals on the terrorist watch list from purchasing firearms.
  • Require individuals to report the theft or loss of a firearm, within 48 hours, to the appropriate local authorities.
  • Require states to only allow conceal carry with permits, which would be subject to a set of minimum federal standards, including:
  • Completed state-certified gun safety training.
  • 21 years or older
  • Never convicted of a crime of violence and;
  • States have the right to establish additional standards as they see fit.

While this seems all well and good, what we must keep in mind is that the NRA’s name was used without their consent on this act; it does not institute policies that they agree with, and is deceiving many people into supporting an act that goes against many of their political beliefs. In addition, many people who are not actual members of the NRA are also in the dark about the true nature of this act. Be sure you inform every member you know about the act they are supposedly supporting.



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