The Militia: Public Service or Paranoid?

The Militia: Public Service or Paranoid?

While Americans have not been witness to much evidence of militia activity in recent years, there is still a strong and active organization for the express purpose of providing a last line of defense for the United States. Each member is to serve their state if something happens that neither the National Guard nor the local law enforcement is capable of handling (more information here)

The purpose of a militia at the time of its development was to provide a standing army at all time, a last defense at home, if you will. Each town was responsible for their own minutemen, as a final line of the defense of the individual colonies and towns. The system has not much changed over the years.

While militia have often been accused of everything from planning to overthrow the United States Government to preparing for the zombie apocalypse, there are still people who are willing to put up with the stigma of extreme paranoia for the opportunity to serve their country in a unique way.

There are other aspects of the militia to consider. While no evidence of it being abused has come to light, there is still the possibility of it being abused. Although equal power among the States has been the organization of the U.S. since its founding, the desire for superiority has always been a difficulty for the human race. It is quite probable that the ready and active stance of the “minutemen” were contributory to the American Revolutionary War and how quickly the various armies were able to form.

Is the militia in danger now? The militia is a great entity, but it is in danger of disappearing. The militia has been demonized by the media. Members of the militia are mocked and told they are crazy or destructive. While each person can decide whether or not to participate in the militia, there is an argument that it is the responsibility of the caring, Second-Amendment defending citizen to participate in the militia. While this is a personal decision, it is an option for every citizen.


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