Guns, The Great Equalizer

Guns, The Great Equalizer

Guns are the considered to be the great equalizer between criminals and victims, particularly female. However, many national women’s rights groups are violently opposed to guns in the private sector at all, preferring to support gun-control legislation. Why aren’t these women’s rights groups, who stand for the equality and protection of women, more concerned about their rights to defend themselves?

Some possible reasons could include:

1-That many women’s rights groups are very liberal and therefore are usually opposed to guns, big business, and the sanctity of life. While the Democratic Party often protests their support for the rights of the people, their voting history has proven them to be supporters of the “trade 1 tyrant 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants 1 mile away” philosophy, preferring to use the democratic system to trample the rights of the individual.

2-That women’s rights groups often hold idealism higher than practicality, believing that the Law will protect women. However, what they fail to understand or appreciate that the women who are in danger are the ones who are told daily that if they speak, they or their children will be hurt. As a result, the ones in the most need of assistance or protection are the ones who will not receive it.

What can we change about this scenario? What if a woman could have the security of knowing if a violent criminal or just an angry husband came after her, she had a form of real protection? What are the steps that we could take not just to educate the masses of women, but also the people that they look up to, that are their avowed protectors?


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