Why would another Prohibition work?

Why would another Prohibition work?

Many people, in light of recent tragedies, wonder if maybe new gun control legislation will successfully become law. Gun Rights advocates consider the historical documentation that demonstrates that any time the government attempts to control a commodity, it doesn’t work.

Consider Prohibition. In the 1920’s, there were many people who honestly felt that alcohol was destroying people’s lives. In this article from the New York Times in 1908, a doctor discussed the evil, destructive nature of alcohol and its effects on people. However, there were also many people who disagreed, saying that it was not the government’s place to decide whether or not people should indulge themselves in drinking, much as this article from 1909 shows us. Regardless of people’s feelings, Prohibition was enacted in 1920, and lasted for over 10 years. The changes in the law gave rise to people like Al Capone, places like speakeasies, and a huge black market for alcohol. Companies who were involved in legitimate alcohol production faced unprecedented restrictions as a result of the change in law, resulting in massive reconstruction or closing, as shown in this article from the Prohibition Era.

Now, let’s compare this period of Prohibition to a future prohibition on guns. Let us suppose that there is a successful ban on all guns. Though this is highly unlikely, let’s assume that this ban is successfully passed. Now, what if there is a factory that makes all kinds of small parts, but they specialize in a specific gun part, and depend on the production of this part to stay in business?

Let’s go further and say that people figure out how to make their own guns using this company’s part. Now, when the government figures this out, they are going to have to restrict factories, and forbid them to make parts that can be modified into guns, correct?

This will probably force the company to shut down, since this part is their primary source of revenue. Let’s take this even further, to a possible, and logical, point.

You can use the Internet, right? That’s probably how you’re reading this article. Can most people use the Internet pretty comfortably? Most likely, yes. Can you use the Internet to figure out how to make your own gun? Yes. Don’t believe me? Here’s the link.

Now, once the government sees this, what are they going to do? Restrict the Internet? Ban it? There are a lot of places this can go, once you carry a point to its logical conclusion.

With this in mind, we need to support our representatives in government, and inform them that we do NOT, in fact, want to end up in a second Prohibition. For further reading, I found this article extremely helpful.


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