Gun Control Will Never Work

Gun Control Will Never Work

In Newtown, Connecticut on Friday December 14, 2012 a lone gunman named Adam Lanza murdered a total of twenty children and seven adults, including his mother, before turning the gun on himself. No one could stop him. These victims could only hide and pray.

It takes a while for the reality to sink in. Twenty children. Twenty! In what is supposed to be a safe environment, dead. How many more terrified to go to school? We are forced to acknowledge that there was a man who was evil enough to think in his deranged mind that children were an appropriate target for his irrational rage. Then, despite all the gun control policies we have in place, this was the kind of individual who was able to obtain a gun. Regardless of all the “security” measures our school systems have instituted since Columbine, when an actual emergency occurred, our schools were unable to protect their children.

So what does this mean for gun control? For some, it means tightening gun control policy. For others, it means providing a means for schools to defend themselves. Which is the appropriate answer? What is wrong with our gun control policy?

Consider Adam Lanza, a clearly mentally disturbed individual. Even so, he manages to get several guns relatively easily, which means we need to tighten gun purchasing restrictions. Oh wait, his mother bought the guns and he stole them from her. Therefore, we must assume that there is more than one way to obtain a weapon. Second, there have been many documented tragedies at two places: churches and schools. Why is this? Because guns are not allowed in and around those places due to gun control laws that make them “Gun Free Zones.” We all know that criminals follow the law, right? These places are perfect targets for cowardly, irrational people looking for easy targets.

What is the solution? Consider if each teacher was provided with a small, easy-to-handle handgun, such as a .38 revolver. If each classroom had a small gun safe or other secure location for that weapon that children could not get into in the classroom, liability is covered. Each teacher would require training in order to learn to safely operate their gun. These teachers would be strongly encouraged to provide documented proof that they spend one hour a month practicing at a shooting range. How many people are going to think schools are an appropriate target when they know every teacher is armed? If teachers object to this kind of thinking, it almost begs the question; is the welfare of our children important to them? Or are they willing to allow this tragedy to happen again?

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