Fast and Furious- Your Next Move

Fast and Furious- Your Next Move

Operation Fast and Furious was explained as an attempt to discover the major players in the Mexican gun-trafficking network.  The plan was to funnel properly identified and listed guns on the street in order to determine how they ended up at the scene of a crime.  This operation was given over to the U.S. Department of Justice and eventually, these guns were being passed to the Mexican drug cartels, leading to the 2010 murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.  The investigation has led to the resignation of several DOJ officials, and a huge black mark against the Obama Administration.

The shock and horror that our own nation would not only act in such a manner, but keep it from the American people is a disgrace and an embarrassment. Now the question becomes what to do about it?

There have been is story after story of what this means for the Obama administration, what those boneheads at the DOJ were thinking, and how this fiasco was allowed to happen.  This is no longer our concern. Yes, the people responsible should be punished, but this includes the legislators that approved the plan, the bureaucrats who enacted the plan, and the staffers who developed the plan!

There is plenty of blame that can be spread around, and frankly, we have better things to do than wring our hands and fret at the state our country is getting to. As citizens, we have rights. As Americans, we have phones, email, text-messaging, Twitter, Facebook, and many other forms of communication at our disposal. Call your Representative and Senator! Demand to know what is being done to rectify the situation, and punish the people involved. Ask him or her: what is the next action for us to take in this battle against illegal gun distribution, that doesn’t involve putting weapons in drug runner’s hands?

Operation Fast and Furious: What’s your next step?

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