Voting- How Can We Tell?

Voting- How Can We Tell?

It seems that every election season, we are bombarded with advertisements, dirty stories, and debates, making it difficult to decide who is telling the truth. Here’s the scoop: all of the political posturing is baloney, and you have to sort through it to make an informed decision.  This can prove particularly difficult in the area of gun rights. So how do we determine who is on our side?

One of the first steps we have to take is to see who is actually on the ballot in the first place. The best site I have found for this purpose is

Second, look at what the candidate has to say for themselves on this issue. Looking at their campaign website and literature can be an efficient way to determine a candidate’s stand on this issue.

In a perfect world, this would be the end of our search, along with guilt-free ice cream. Unfortunately, ice cream does pack on the pounds, and candidates don’t always publish their views on every issue.

The third step we can take is looking at their previous voting record. Even if there has not been an actual bill dealing with gun control specifically, considering their general record can often prove an effective indication to where a candidate stands on an issue.

Finally, look at the endorsements a candidate has. A candidate who has been endorsed by, for example, The Brady Campaign to Prevent  Gun Violence is probably going to be for stricter gun control than, say, a candidate endorsed by the National Rifle Association. This test can often prove to be the most effective in determining which candidate most aligns with your values.

If as American citizens, we wish to have any say in our nation’s policies, choosing a candidate is the first step we can take. Therefore, taking our education regarding candidate’s policies and views seriously can prove a valuable use of our time.

Educate yourself, and get to the polls.

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