Oslo and Aurora Shootings

Oslo and Aurora Shootings




Every occurrence of a mass shooting renews the outcry against the weapons used in the crime. The Aurora, Colorado and Oslo, Norway shootings are prime examples.  While there are several similarities between the Oslo and Aurora attacks, there are also marked differences.  The media hyped details of the weapons used in the Aurora attacks, and the crazy manifesto released before the Oslo, Norway attacks, but disregarded the fact that there were innocent people gunned down as defenseless citizens.

Anders Breivik was accused, and later admitted to, a bombing in Oslo, Norway and then the same day a mass shooting at a camp in nearby Utøya.  The death toll reached 77, along with many injuries. After the Aurora, Colorado shooting, many people have said that there were similarities between Anders Breivik and James Holmes.  The similarities in the actions of these men also had parallels in the failures of society to protect these innocent lives.

Some similarities include that both men prepared in advance. Breivik went to another country to attempt to purchase weapons. Holmes purchased thousands of ammunition rounds on the internet. The targets where places most people feel safe. Breivik’s mass shooting was at a summer camp for teens and young adults, Holmes at a movie theater. Both men also wore, (for lack of a better term) “costumes”, with Breivik in a police uniform and Holmes in full ballistic gear.

The divergence begins when we look at the “reasons” for the attacks. While there seems to be no publicized explanation for Holmes’ rampage, Breivik not only released a “manifesto” describing his reasoning and hatred for various religions, institutions, and schools of thought, he was later found to belong to various websites

Regardless of what the reasoning is, both of these men took advantage of a peaceful place and desecrated it. Many groups are calling for more controls of firearms.  The flaw with that argument is that Norway has some of the toughest gun control laws in the world.  What we need to be asking ourselves is, how will be prepared to defend ourselves?

Comparison of gun control laws can be found here.

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