Being Proactive

Being Proactive

With the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, many people are wondering if they or their children are safe anywhere anymore. Everyone has fear; however there are many different forms that not succumbing to that fear can take. These could include not taking unnecessary risks, taking preventative measures such as carrying a handgun, or simply not thinking about it. Another option: being proactive.

What does being proactive mean? It means taking action before a crisis. It does not mean “doing unto others before they do unto you.” it simply means that, before a situation prevents itself, you have prepared for it.

How can you become more proactive? Going over basic self-defense information, both for yourself and your children is a good place to start. Also, look at the laws and regulations in your state. This will help you to plan for different scenarios, such as where you are able to take your firearm.

Being proactive and taking preventative measures is not a crazed, stereotypical right-wing action. Rather, it is a commonsense practice resulting from repeated incidents (Columbine, Aurora, etc.). Being prepared is the difference between succumbing to the fear and preparing to confront it. How will you prepare?

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