Self Defense Education

Self Defense Education

What is self-defense education? Is it a simple one-time seminar? Continual Krav Maga lessons? How about a video you watch on YouTube every once in a while?  A lifestyle of fear? A passion for violence? Self-defense can often be a very misunderstood concept. Educating oneself in self-defense, even more so.  


Education, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “A: the action or process of educating or of being educated; also: a stage of such a process. B: the knowledge and development resulting from an educational process. This means that education is continually adding to and developing knowledge. So, for our purposes, we will define education as an ongoing process of increasing your knowledge.

Self-defense is defined by Webster as, “the act of defending oneself, one’s property, or a close relative”. Self-defense is using the skills and force you have at your disposal for protection. For this topic, we will say that self-defense is simply what an individual does for protection when they, their close relatives or their property are threatened.

Self-defense education, if we use these two definitions, is therefore “an ongoing process of increasing knowledge that a person use to protect themselves, close relatives and property.” This is a fairly simple and straightforward definition. But defining something is not putting it into action. What are some practical ways that we can educate ourselves in self-defense?

One way is to read. Books, articles, blogs, there are many ways to find this information. A quick internet search of “self-defense resources” will give hundreds of results. Another way is to watch videos. YouTube is a great place to look for self-defense experts to share their information for free.

Self-defense classes are another great option, as they provide practice for real-life scenarios. Yet another resource is self-defense internet forums. These are virtual “bulletin boards” for people in various situations, and with different amounts of knowledge getting together and discussing everything from the specs on the latest Glock model, to federal gun regulations.

However, just because we read about a technique in a book somewhere, or watched a YouTube video about it, does not make it a correct or even safe technique. How do we ensure that what we are learning is in fact, correct?

First, check what you read, see or hear against what accredited sources say. A good rule of thumb is to follow only the information put out by accredited sources. Second, only take accredited classes, such as at the local gun club, and only under teaching by seasoned instructors.

Once we have learned, we must practice. Simply understanding what needs to be done if self-protection is needed is not going to help your body remember how to do it. Constant practice and improvement is the only way to ensure that when the time comes, you will be prepared. Learning what to do, and practicing how to do it will ensure that when dangerous situations arise, your education will serve you well. What does self-defense education look like to you?

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