U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

U.N. Arms Trade Treaty
The UN Arms Trade Treaty(ATT) could affect American gun owners.  Scheduled for a signing on July 27, 2012, this treaty could be a backdoor method for gun control in the United States.
As another blow to American sovereignty, this treaty could allow foreign governments to register and regulate American gun ownership.  It also has large affects on American foreign policy, and how we assist our allies in their struggles.
From an interview with Fox News, Wayne LaPierre from the National Rifle Association says

“They’re trying to impose a UN policy that gives guns to the governments – but the UN doesn’t in turn make moral judgments as to whether these governments are good or bad,” he said.

“If you’re the government, you get the guns, if you’re a civilian, you don’t. But this will just end up helping evil governments and tyrants.”

According to Dick Morris’ website, “The ATT, under the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution, would have the power of a Constitutional amendment and would, effectively, repeal the Second Amendment guaranteeing us the right to bear arms. We must fight to stop the US from signing the treaty and, if we fail, block Senate ratification.”

Mr. Morris also has an action item from his website.  He has setup a petition page at http://dickmorris.rallycongress.com/7175/gun-control/ to show support for Congress to not ratify this treaty.

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