Guns used in Self Defense: understanding the statistics

Guns used in Self Defense: understanding the statistics


Despite published statistics that disapprove of gun-carrying, people still pack. Why? No one wants to be a fatality statistic. People want to feel secure. People buy lottery tickets even though statistically the lottery very rarely won. Everyone knows that. But there is that just in case mentality that drives people, motivating them to buy that lottery ticket, or protect themselves.

Crimes involving firearms


Yes, people die every day from guns. Buy how many people are victimized because they don’t know how to diffuse a tense situation? Or can provide no dissuasion to avoid being injured, dissuasion that could very easily be provided by a gun in their own hand? Guns are used inappropriately every day, but so are money, political power, parental authority and religion.

Guns just give off a louder bang.

For more information, this article is very informative:

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