Which Gun is the Best Choice?

Which Gun is the Best Choice?

Purchasing a gun can be an exciting process until the glow wears off and there is a heavy case of buyer’s remorse. Everyone is different. No two guns are the same either, which is why “Best Gun” discussions/arguments never end well. Choosing a gun for self-defense is a highly personalized decision, but here are some guidelines that can help:

First of all, consider how you are planning to use it. One gun that is appropriate for the glove box (or SeatCarry) of your car is probably not the same gun appropriate for an ankle holster. Think about how compact you need it. Does it need to fit in your purse? Are you planning on a holster? Consider carefully how you intend to use your gun.

The next item to consider is your gender in relation to your gun size and weight. Most men would have no trouble carrying around a Glock 38, while a lady would probably find it too heavy and difficult to use. Think about the gun weight. This has already discussed this a bit here. In addition, think about the gun’s trigger sensitivity. Again, men might have no trouble pulling a gun’s trigger smoothly, but give that same gun to a woman, and all kinds of problems will ensue.  Find a gun that is suited for your needs, rather than what looks impressive or sounds cool.

Other items to consider are the safety v. no-safety question, as well as the action type. If you are carrying your gun strictly for self-defense reasons, then there is no need to have a safety to turn off.  If you are planning on a “one and done” mentality, then a single-shot or revolver may work better for your needs than an autoloader type.

Choosing a gun is a very individual choice. The most important part of the process is sitting down and deciding exactly what you need in a firearm. If you can, go down to your local gun range and try out a few different models, to really get a feel for what works for you. Taking just a few minutes to really analyze what you need can make a huge difference between a successful and a nonsuccessful gun investment.

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