Ruger 10/22 Trick Shot

It is always fun to see folks do something different with a firearm to challenge themselves.  Youtube user tnoutdoors9 has a great video where he demonstrates the setup and operation of a 200 yard trickshot behind his back.

He explains how he measures off 200 yards and sets up a metallic target.  The 10/22 (open sights and 10 round magazine) is aimed over his shoulder and sighted with a handheld mirror.  Pulling the trigger with his thumb, he shoots at the target.

Great job of filming this with a remote camera at the target to demonstrate success with hitting it.

The following warning comes from the video description:

THIS SHOULD ONLY BE ATTEMPTED BY THOSE PROFICIENT IN FIREARMS HANDLING AND SAFETY. Also, as with all target practice, you must have an adequate backstop and understand the capabilities of your firearm and ammo.  As is the case with 99% of my videos, I was the only person “on the set”. Filmed on remote private property.

My further comment is that these sorts of challenges can obviously be dangerous as firearms are used outside of their intended design and operation.

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