Concealed Carry with John Stossel

John Stossel has his own show on Fox Business.  He is doing a great job on digging into touchy issues.  Very interesting and informative.  John does a great job of doing objective reporting.
In this clip, Concealed Carry on Campus is discussed.  Several interviews from both sides of the issue.  A good look at the actual laws and realities of the situation.

Currently most college campuses do not allow law-abiding citizens to legally carry concealed weapons for self defense.

Students for Concealed Carry and the Brady Campaign each contribute to make their cases.  Includes the situation of what happened at Virginia Tech.

Should the concealed carry laws be different just because a place is considered a college campus?  Many of these campuses make weapons illegal for ALL citizens, not just students.

Congrats to those colleges that allow for legal self defense weapons!

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