CNBC Vs. Remington 700

It looks like an interesting battle between reporters with the American CNBC news station and Remington Arms company.  CNBC put together a documentary about failures with the Remington 700 rifle.  Airing October 20, 2010, this investigation centers entirely on this one gun.

This investigative report made attempts to smear Remington as well as the gun manufacturing industry as a whole.  Was some of this criticism deserved?  That is up to you to decide.

The  promo for the CNBC piece

Remington Arms Company has several responses on Youtube in an attempt to do damage control for their product.  This rifle as a long history of service to game hunters, police, and military users around the world.  It has been in the marketplace for many decades.  It is definitely not new and untested technology, I am sure that there are millions in use worldwide.

The accidental shootings in the above CNBC promos could have been prevented the appropriate safety precautions.  The old standby of keeping the muzzle in a safe direction would have prevented these accidents.

One of the responses by Remington below:

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