New Gun? Clean it First

It is very important to clean a new gun following its’ purchase.  Very experienced gun owners may know this, but new gun owners may not.  The purchase of a first or second handgun is very exciting, and is quite the big deal.  Lots of painstaking research likely goes into such a large purchase.  It will be very exciting to go out right away and use your new firearm.  It is necessary to take an important first step.

Cleaning your firearm between purchase and your first use is very important.  Removing any preservative chemicals used for shipping and inventory storage is the reason for cleaning.  Excessive amounts of gun grease from the factory can cause malfunctions during your first time out at the range.  This of course can be very disheartening and disappointing.

A good upfront cleaning of your newly purchased firearm can prevent many problems and frustrations.  Have a good first time at the range following a good gun cleaning.

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