Truth About Arms Trafficking in Mexico

The NRA has some good videos about current issues.  There is a really good one about the gun trafficking from the U.S. to Mexico.  Most of the arguments that the anti-gun politicians use are blatantly false to those that have the common sense to study the issue.  The American sheep that view the normal news headlines believe these lies that are propagated.

The big question: Do we even have real data on guns in Mexico?

Where they come from, how, where, when, etc. Mexico is a third-world country where civilization is hanging on by a thread. Graft, corruption, and drug lords rule the day.

It all boils down to one agenda: Sell the reinstatement of the Assault Weapons Ban for the United States. After the Clinton 10-year ban expired, there has not been any sort of uptick in gun violence, and most of the American public has not realized that this law expired.

Of course the NRA puts out a very professional video. A good hit back at the anti-gunner’s agenda to further restrict gun ownership.

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