Soccer Dad Pulls Gun, Goes to Jail

James Ian Sherrill was sentenced for pulling a gun on a fellow parent following a soccer match. His children’s soccer match ended in confrontation, when Mr Sherrill felt threatened and  a pulled his legally-concealed pistol.  This apparently ended the confrontation.  Mr. Sherrill then immediately went to the local police station to report the incident.

Read the Article from Mlive.

The overall result is a sentence to felony charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, to which Mr. Sherrill pleaded no contest.  The sentence is 30 days in jail, along with some fines and costs, as well as probation.

There are several important lessons here for us folks that believe in the 2nd Amendment right to carry firearms.

1. Brandish a firearm only as a last resort.  Somebody must be physically in peril and need the assistance of deadly force.

2. Recorders will prove your case and the amount of physical danger when/if self defense measures need to occur.  It will be much easier to prove your case if you have a recording of exactly what happened.  This was not a jury trial, but merely a prosecutor and judge deciding how to handle this.

3. The actions of single individuals affect the perception of entire groups of people.  All concealed-carry permit holders come under scrutiny after this incident.  Viewpoints from the comments on this story reflect the poor views on those that conceal carry.

Many kudos to the individual for taking personal responsibility for his actions.  Mr Sherrill immediately made his way to the police station to make a report, definitely not know where things would lead.  He made himself a great example as a father and concealed carry holder for taking responsibility for the situation that occurred.

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