Self Defense Training

There is an old saying that “You don’t know what you don’t know.”

This certainly applies to the topic of self defense.  Knowing how to handle various situations is very important for your survival.  Whether you are acting as a civilian, law enforcement, or military; threatening situations can happen any time or place.  How you react and handle them is very important.  Of course this includes both your mental and physical reaction.

An interesting program I ran across is called the “Flinch Response.”  This program comes from Defiance Combat, and is an interesting take on how to react to situations.  Especially for us civilians that do not have regimented, formal training, it is good to open our eyes to the possibilities.  Defiance Combat does a lot of coaching, teaching, and certification for instructors of their system.

Check out the video on how to handle (and not handle) an attacker.  The video does a very good job of showing how quickly decisions need to be made so that the situation does not go bad and get you hurt or killed.  The video does a great job of giving a rough idea on how and when to go for your gun and how to handle your attacker’s weapon.

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