America’s Office of Strategic Services produced some video that was designed to instruct Allied agents in the use of German weapons.  Forerunner of the C.I.A., the O.S.S. ran many agents behind enemy lines during WW2.  Made in color and narrated at a good pace with excellent visuals, these videos  are still very important in their explanation of the German’s weapons during World War II.

In these videos are the 98K Carabine, MP40 Submachine Gun, “Luger” 08 Pistol, Hand Granade 39 “Potato Masher”, MG34 and MG 42 Machine Guns, 80mm Heavy Mortar and 88mm AAA are shown here in close details.

These  clips come from the ROMANO-ARCHIVES’ new website-“Unknown World War 2 in Color”-“Home Front(s)” section.

To see and learn about more color WWII footage, visit  the website Unknown WW2 in color at: