AR-10 .308 Rifle

Many are fans of the AR-10 rifle by Armalite.  Developed in the years following World War II, it incorporates many groundbreaking advances over previous rifles.

The AR-10 was developed using trusty and dependable .308 ammo that could be fired in both semi and fully automatic modes.  Eugene Stoner in the late 1950s at ArmaLite came up with the plan of using corrosion-resistant metals and plastics and modular construction so major parts can be easily interchanged.  The .308 (7.62mm x 51 NATO)  was deemed too heavy for most combat troops, and led to the adoption by the U.S. military of the M16, which is of the same design but uses smaller ammunition (5.56x 39).  This was done as a way to reduced weight of the firearm and the required ammunition.

The AR-10 is in use today by some parts of the NATO military, and has seen a huge popularity growth among civilians.  The .308 is a great round for hunting, and the gun is modern and easy to clean.  Many different manufacturers have versions of the gun that sometimes interchange.  There are tons of customization options available as well.  The modular design of the gun allows for quick and easy changes of major items such as the barrel.

I found a couple of great videos demonstrating some of the early development and history of the firearm.  Enjoy!

This gun is definitely something that is worth checking out for you civilian hunters out there.  The gun is easy and inexpensive to modify yourself.  It is easy to clean.  It is adaptable to many different looks and features as well.

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