Making Your Own Magnetic Firearms Holster

It is important to consider non-traditional methods of concealing firearms.  Off-body concealment of pistols can be beneficial inside personal activity areas such as your home, your garage, your vehicle, and your work when acceptable.  Magnetic firearms retainment is a possible solution to your need.

The biggest hurdle is whether your firearm is compatible with a magnet.  Plastic guns that do not have a significant metallic frame surface will not work with magnets.  Stainless steel is normally a non-metallic as well.  There are getting to be many exotic gunframe alloys in use that may be questionable.  Full frame high-caliber pistols may be too heavy for magnetic support alone.  Testing this out may be the only sure method to identify compatibility.

There are several available options to purchase these from vendors.  Or you could just rig something up for yourself.  I found a great Youtube video of just such a situation.  Called “How to Make a Magnetic Holster,” this video demonstrates just how quick and easy it is to accomplish.

Steve with Safe Arms Review does a great job giving us some valuable information on how to construct a magnetic firearm retention device, what materials are required, and some ideas on where and how to mount it.

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