Concealed Carry Travel Holster

I have been using my concealed carry travel holster made by SeatCarry for a long time, and I love it!  It allows for quick and easy access to my firearm while I am in my vehicle.

Carrying concealed in a vehicle can be difficult.  Finding a good place to conceal the firearm is difficult.  I personally hate putting it in the glove box, center console, or under the seat.  And I am a big guy, so having it on my hip makes it difficult to locate in a hurry.  It is not that comfortable over long travel distances to have the seat belt pulled against a hip holster.  The SeatCarry overcomes many of these problems, and functions as an unobtrusive holster system that is a comfortable method to carry concealed in a vehicle.

concealed carry vehicle holster

The SeatCarry is Made in the USA and constructed of top-quality materials.  I have used this holster for quite a while, and could not recommend it more.   It is a very affordable solution to my off-body carry needs for vehicles.

Folks that are older, or have limited mobility would greatly benefit from a holster such as this.  It allows for shorter reaches and much easier access.  The holster is a great solution to safely conceal a firearm in a way so it remains within the owner’s possession while not being directly on their person.

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