The Basics of Safety with Shotguns

It is very important that all guns be handled in a safe manner.  Firearms are designed to kill, and are a good tool for doing so.  Normally this is for sport, but also can be used for self defense and sport such as target shooting.

Shotguns can be fun when used for shooting clay targets in the air.  Doing this safely is very important so that we do not hurt ourselves or our fellow sportsmen.  Knowing and understanding the particular firearm is very important, whether it be a pistol, rifle, or shotgun.

I found an interesting video about basic shotgun safety for clay shooting for a place called Rock Creek.

The video is very well done and easy to understand and comprehend.  The instruction is very clear and concise, being very easy to follow.

The same general themes from this shotgun video can be followed for other firearms.  Know how the safety operates, know how to check the chamber for a loaded shell, and keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction.  Help prevent accidents and tragedies by following proper safety activities.

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