Book Review- One Second After by Bill Forstchen

I recently read a very interesting and thought-provoking book by author Bill Forstchen titled One Second After.  This book is a well-studied scenario of what might happen in the event of an EMP (electromagentic pulse) attack on the United States.

A big part of the book is the implementation of martial law.  This concept is very abstract to most of us modern Americans, but it basically means that normal civil laws are suspended in favor of military control in circumstances of civil emergencies or unrest.  One Second After demonstrates that survival of individuals and society are dependent upon a well armed population.

Massive shutdowns of society will have tragic effects on the population.  Our dependence on basic food, medicine and electricity is extremely high, and the loss of these systems would set the country back 150 years in time.

Education and knowledge are the best way to understand our world and be prepared for challenges to come.  This novel is a great way to begin or expand your understanding of local and national emergencies where the government may not be able to help its’ citizens.

Having guns and knowing how to use them can save your life in everyday situations, as well as national emergencies.  They can be used for providing food and defense, and we must be sure to make sure these rights are preserved.

I highly recommend this book.  It is an easy read, and moves along very well.

An interview with the author, Bill Forstchen

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