“Weapons” are for Criminals

Criminals use and possess weapons to use for criminal purposes.  The term “weapon” is intended to mean an instrument used to attack a victim.  Criminals use these tools to commit violent crime against victims that may or may not be intended.

Law-abiding citizens arm themselves for defense of their person and their loved ones.  Firearms, knives, mace, tasers, etc. are used to defend against criminals with intentions of violent crimes.  These items used for self defense should not be referred to as weapons, though police and media continue to do so.

The police classify all guns, knives, etc as weapons whether a person is a bad guy or not.  The media continue the myth from the police, and spread the fear and terror to their public audience.

The good guys carry guns, firearms, pistols, defensive tools, knives, spray, etc.   The bad guys are the ones with the weapons, and the American public needs to continually remind ourselves, the police, and the media of this fact.

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