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I recently attended an outdoor picnic celebrating the right to Open Carry in the State of Michigan.  This picnic aimed to educate, inform, and connect those interested in the Open Carry of firearms.  This law is relatively unknown, but exists in many U.S. States. The laws allow for carrying hip-holstered firearms in the general public.  Many exemptions exist, but many places have left it legal to openly display a pistol while walking down the street.  There have been many instances of harassment by local police, but these officials are being educated about the actual law.

Local police may harass open carriers with different laws including trespassing, brandishing, and disturbing the peace.  Brandishing is the menacingly wave of flourish of a gun, which is more than just having it in a holster and minding your business.  The trespassing charge may come from being on private property and being asked to leave by the owners, such as a store or theater.  Disturbing the peace charges come when excitement is generated by the appearance of a gun.  As long as it is within the law, it is not the owner’s fault if it causes a stir.

The state of Michigan allows citizens over the age of 18, who are law abiding, to openly carry a legally registered handgun in a holster in many areas, with some exemptions in the law for things such as churches, bars, schools, courts, etc.  The Michigan law considers firearms in vehicles concealed, so a person must have a Concealed Pistol License to have a loaded gun in their car.

Personal property rules over-ride the state law.  This means that if a private property owner objects to a person openly carrying a firearm, the firearm or the person AND the firearm needs to be removed.  This will be considered trespassing if the owner’s wishes are not followed.

Openly carrying a firearm requires good knowledge of the law, as it may increase your visibility and lead to increased attention from the public and police.

A great place to find information about these laws is online at Many other resources exist that pertain directly to your state and local areas.  These must be well studied and well known before laws are broken and getting yourself into legal trouble.

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