Obama Good for Gun Industry

The gun industry has gotten a windfall from the election of President Obama.  Even though there have not been any moves by the Administration to get an Assault Weapons Ban or do other things to limit firearms, there has been a huge buying frenzy for guns and ammunition.  Anybody that has tried to get ammo for pistols lately knows that WalMart has had empty shelves for at least the last six months.

Many pistols have long back orders and guns are getting bought up in record numbers.  The number of people getting Concealed Weapons Carry permits has been huge as well.  Smith & Wesson announced yesterday that their fourth-quarter profit more than doubled as compared to a year ago.

The fear and frenzy of the loss of second amendment rights has helped to educate those who have taken these rights for granted.  The fear of not being able to get guns in the future has caused many prior non-gun owners to go out and get educated and purchase a firearm.

The gun industry has had strong sales and awakening from a larger cross section of the public, thanks to the election of President Obama.  The threat of losing gun rights has awakened and encouraged a larger awareness among the public.

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