Firearms Education

Education is the answer to firearms safety and the culture of guns in the United States.  All youths need to learn how to respect and handle guns at a young age, and it needs to be mandatory for all children.  Many states and regions require Firearms Safety education as part of Hunter’s Safety programs in order to qualify for hunting licenses.  Thousands (Millions?) of children each year learn to respect and safely handle firearms each year prior to being allowed to hunt for sporting game.  This is very practical education that should be taught to ALL children.  Guns are very often found outside the forest, and it is important that children (who become adults) know how guns work and how they are handled.

Firearms safety is one of the very practical skills that is so important in modern American life.  Gun Control advocates claim that many accidental shootings would be prevented by banning all guns.  This has been proven not to work, and is an argument for another time.  Increased firearms education would be much more effective at preventing accidental shooting.  Thorough education of all Americans about gun safety would allow for citizens to police each other about gun safety.  When people are educated enough to recognize that their safety is jeopardized by improper gun handling and securing of firearms, they will take actions to change the behavior of the gun handler.

Many people in American Society are scared of guns.  And when you talk to them, it is because they are unfamiliar and uneducated about them.  All they know is that guns can kill people.  This is a very true statement, but the rest of the story is that a gun is just a tool, and it requires human interaction to operate it in order to kill a person.  When this education takes place, and a person operates and understands firearms, outlooks change for the better towards firearms.

Education and communication is the key to convincing gun control believers that education is the answer to the accidental shooting argument.

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