National Park Gun Ban

The National Park Gun Ban will end in February of 2010.  It was a success for the pro-gun crowd that the gun ban was repealed, and the only consolation for the other side is that the ban will not take effect until 9 months after the law was signed.

Being able to carry weapons in National Parks will allow for greater self defense against criminals and animals.  These huge swaths of land are so beautiful and pristine, yet are full of unwitting danger from humans and animals.  Many people are overwhelmed with the beauty of the parks, and their senses are overwhelmed.  Criminals know this.

National Parks are a great place for criminals to operate.  People are not usally local, are unaware of their surroundings, and missing persons are a regular occurance.  Tourists are typically full of money and many have their guard down as they just want to relax and spend time with family.  People can be killed and kidnapped and the criminals have lots of places to disappear to and hide.  These National Parks are huge and primitive.  The old rules of basic survival are very important.

Being able to defend yourself and your family should return to the top of the list in these dangerous areas.  Animals and criminals can be unexpected, and know the surroundings much better than you will.  Carrying a firearm at least evens the playing field between the good and the bad.

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