Don’t Overlook the Weight

One of the things to consider when purchasing and outfitting a firearm are its weight.  The final weight after ammo and addons must be carefully considered for those that will be carrying the completed weapon.  It is easy to be at a show or gunshop and think that a weapon is lightweight.  But by the time ammo is loaded up, and additional features are added on, the weapons can quickly gain weight.

The carry time will help determine allowable weight.  If a pistol or shotgun is used only around the house, heavy units will not be a problem.  But if a weapon is being carried for long periods of time, it can quickly become unweildy.  Hunting rifles and shotguns that are used on foot as opposed to sitting must be comfortable to carry and still be quickly brought up to shoot.

A pistol that is being carried for self defense must have a holster that will handle its’ weight.  The holster must be strong enough and must be able to distribute the weight across the area of carry.  An Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster that is holding a heavy weapon could put undue stress on that side of the body, and on that side of the clothing.  Accidental appearance of the weapon could happen if one side of the waistband is overloaded.

The weight of weapons can be minimized by carefully selecting a weapon after very carefully considering the intended use of them.  Consideration must be made for personal comfort and operation under fatigue.

Weapons can be lower in weight by using shorter barrels, lower ammunition counts, and lightweight stocks and specialized alloys for the weapon itself.  These will have other affects on firearm performance, but can be good tradeoffs depending upon the intended application of the firearm.

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