Firearms Safety

Firearms safety is one of the vital considerations we all need to make to protect ourselves, family, and neighbors.  Handling practices, storage, and control of the weapon are of utmost importance.

Handling all weapons, wheather it be knives or guns, must be taken very seriously.  Considering the direction of the muzzle of pistols must be a constant awareness.  Using built-in safeties is important, but ALL firearms must be always considered ready to fire.  All firearms must be handled as if they are ready to fire, whether you are pulling the trigger or not.

Storing of firearms must be taken seriously to consider all possibilities for detection of unauthorized users.  Whether it is by children or theives, the wrong people may get your gun.  Care should be taken to ensure very good security and very good concealment.

Personal safety during practice is also important.  Eye protection is vitally important.  Metal and chemicals are flying, and they do not belong in a person’s eyes.  Ears need to be protected to ensure hearing loss is minimized.  Skin must be protected from chemicals, burns (including sun), and bruising.

Most people take safety very seriously, and hopefully you are one of them.  But watch out for the next guy.  Keep aware of situations where somebody else is not as safe and may harm you.  Whether it is at the range, on the street, or in a home, the other guy is what you cannot control.

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