Second Amendment

Here in the United States, the right to “Keep and Bear Arms” is an American tradition that is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.  These rights have been defended for since the founding of the USA.

Education of uninformed Americans is important.  Whether they are city dwellers that do not hunt, or youngsters that haven’t studied the Declaration of Independence, people need to be informed about firearms and the American right to keep and use them.

Different states and regions have different laws and rules about guns.  Even localities can restrict the use and carry of loaded firearms.  The states retain their rights to have their own rules and laws.  The Constitution was designed that way.  The Constitutional Framers did not mean for the federal government to have control over these gun rights.  The states are supposed to be independent and set their own rules and regulations for gun ownership and carry.  This can prove frustrating when considering the interstate reciprocity laws, but it allows for the citizens of the states to control their own outcome.

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